Sunday, June 14, 2015

NFL Training Camp - Nintendo Wii

NFL Training Camp - Nintendo Wii

The game is a great concept for all of us who love football and want to compete and get in shape however I don't believe that EA Sports has gotten all of the details worked out. There are several times when the sensors just do not read your movements. This gets very frustrating because you can't go any farther in the game until it finally reads it. This CAN take a very long time! The other annoying issue is that you cannot stop the game in the middle of a workout and save where you are at to come back to it at another time. The directions say that it saves where you leave off, this has not happened for us. We had to start over everytime. If I had bought this at a local store I would have already returned this product. Overall somewhat dissatisfied.

- More than anything else, I love the concept. This will garner a lot of interest from males, and while its the same types of exercises found in EA Active, this is tailored to a non-female audience.

- There is a wide variety of workouts available, exercises, graphs, stats, etc. This game will keep you interested, as it's not the same old stuff day after day.

- The heart monitor is really, really cool. The straps that go around your leg and arm are made well, and comfortable. I was very impressed by the quality of the hardware.

- I was very upset to see that in the very first workout that I did, the triceps exercise didn't work correctly. I did things exactly as the game instructed me to, and it just wouldn't work. I had to cheat and do something else to get past these exercises. I don't know how EA would fix this bug. Can they patch this online?

- The package didn't seem to come with instructions on how to tie the resistance band. This isn't a huge matter, but when the game loaded, it should have first instructed me how to correctly tie these. I also feel that the band might break at some point. Probably not, but some more information for the first time user what they can and cannot do with the band should have popped up in a video to start.

All in all, I love the idea, but I am very concerned about future problems I am going to have with the game understanding what exercises I am doing.

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