Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Deathsmiles Limited Edition

Deathsmiles (デススマイルズ?) is a horizontal side scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game by Japanese developer Cave, released in late 2007. It is notable for its aesthetic style, featuring heavy occult and gothic influences. It is the second Cave shoot 'em up to be played using a horizontally-oriented monitor (the first being Progear, followed by the recently released Akai Katana). It was the first Cave shooter released in North America on a console, and the first one in Europe. Cave have also released it to the iOS market. A sequel, DeathSmiles II, was released to Japanese arcades on May 14, 2009.

Instead of the typical lives in traditional shooters, the player is given a pool of life points (initially 3). The player loses 1 point if they are hit by a bullet, 1/2 point if they collide with an enemy or are hit by a non-bullet attack. The game ends when the player has no more life points. Life points can be restored by items, and the maximum life point is increased when reaching certain scores (default 20 and 45 million points).

When an enemy is destroyed, it fires a yellow "counter bullet" that is smaller than the regular bullet fired from an enemy. If the player's familiar is hit by a "counter bullet", the player's item counter is increased, which leads to an increased score. Stage bosses do not fire counter bullets.

* Windia - 13 year old English redhead girl, dressed as a gothic lolita. She is the last one to be adopted by Dior. She has ability to use wind.

* Casper - 11 year old German blonde girl. She has ability to use phantoms.

* Follett - 14 year old French brown haired shy girl, dressed as a nurse. She has ability to use fire. Her familiar is a dragon.

* Rosa - 17 year old American brown haired girl. She has ability to use fairy powers. The other characters treat her as an older sister.

* Sakura - 15 year old English blonde girl. Usually dressed as a witch. She is the boss on Stage B-2. In Mega Black Label, she is also a playable character. Sakura is Windia's friend from the real world. She is the only unplayable character from the original game in DeathSmiles II.

* Tiara - The princess of Gilverado announced to appear in the iOs version of the game, for a special iPhone mode.

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