Saturday, December 31, 2011

Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter

Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter A/B/G & N Networks

  • Package includes: Assembly instructions, Instruction manual and Wireless network adapter.
  • Dual band 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz Wireless A/B/G/N home network compatible
  • Compact, high-performance design
  • Powered by Xbox 360 to eliminate adapter clutter
  • Windows Vista Media Center compatible
  • Streams photos and music from Microsoft Windows XP and recorded TV, movies, and videos from your Microsoft Windows XP Media Center - based PC
What is Wireless N?
If you are curious as to what exactly Wireless N Technology is, it is the latest generation in increasingly powerful wireless bandwidth. Incorporating new MIMO (Multiple In, Multiple Out) technology, Wireless N is designed for today’s most powerful bandwidth demands, be it streaming HD movies, hard-core gaming, or multiple networked home computers. Wireless N is also fully compatible with existing 802.11g and 802.11b wireless routers and access points, so you don’t have to reinvent the wireless wheel to upgrade.

Go Wireless with your Xbox
If you are looking to go wireless on your Xbox, then definitely check out the Xbox Wireless N Adapter. With increased speed, range and wireless security features*, the Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter A/B/G & N Networks offers the fastest and most convenient connection to Xbox LIVE. You can seamlessly download or stream HD movies, TV episodes, and games from Xbox LIVE Marketplace in full 1080p and 5.1 surround sound from anywhere in the house.** Compatible with A/B/G/N networks, the compact design clips easily onto the back of your console, a very nice feature to keep things clean and uncluttered around your console, or offers the flexibility of off-board placement.
  * Compared to Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter, supports WPA2 security protocol
** Range up to 2x that of A/B/G networks

360 is in the basement, router is on the 2nd floor. My main reason for upgrading was because while watching streaming netflix movies, it would stop and downgrade the quality to keep up with the streaming movie. This doesn't happen on my pc or when I moved the 360 one floor closer to the router.

The package comes with an instruction manual, installation cd and the adapter. The CD sleeve tells you to put it in first before connecting the adapter. I put it into my 360 and it just stared at me. Probably because I had already downloaded the latest 360 update through Live. The instructions were not clear on this but I feel it is for people that have never updated their 360 and need the WPA2 configuration installed to run wireless n. To clarify, to use wireless N you must use WPA or WPA2. You cannot use WEP encryption. If you do not change it on your router configuration, this adapter will run in ABG only. NOT N. You must also have a wireless N compatible router to run at wireless n speeds (duh).

I already had the older MS ABG adapter wirelessly connected to my 360 and linked to my router, so I just shut it down, unplugged the usb cable and plugged this one in instead. Rebooted and ran "test connection" and it kept the old configuration memory of the connection settings (MAC and ip addresses, passwords, WPA2, etc), except it connected full "4 bars" strong and stated the connection type was n instead of g. I checked this on the router as well through my pc. Connection speeds had varied from 28 to 54 mb/s but now jumped to 52 to 108 mb/s. Tested the unit thoroughly with MW2. No hiccups in voice or connection problems with server during multiplayer or spec ops. Also tested netflix streaming. No problems here either. Watched a full movie with no recalibration/interuption. This has never happened before even on a good day.

The adapter comes with little fold out feet on the bottom so you can stand it remotely if you buy a usb extension cable. Very handy feature if your 360 is buried in an entertainment rack.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Xbox 360 Chatpad

Xbox 360 Chatpad
  • Communicate quickly and easily with other gamers on Xbox LIVE
  • Great for Facebook and Twitter and compatible with Instant Messenger
  • Update your profile, message friends or enter codes in seconds
  • Snaps onto controller for easy use
I've been looking out for this item for a few months now, and shockingly I found it here on Amazon. I couldn't find it online anywhere or in stores. I refused to buy the White Chat Pad kit thats been out here on online stores, and on the shelves in retail stores. I wasn't sure if this was really the original black Chat Pad at first, and was thinking twice about purchasing it. I just took my chances, and I'm glad I did. This matches great with my new Xbox 360 25O GB Hard Drive Console. Looks great, matches, easy to use, keypad lights up for use when playing with the lights off, and most importantly relieves me of the time it takes to reply to messages from friends, and posting messages on my facebook. Great product, highly recommend it. This isn't the knock off "White" playback Chat Pad that they custom paint Black that you find on e Bay that people are selling for like $50.00. I Got my product on time and for a great price, with free shipping, I was satisfied. Can't say anything bad about this Chat Pad, it's great and ofcourse this comes complete with the new all black live headset. Great way to get your game on, and save yourself lots of time.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset and Amplified Stereo Sound

Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset and Amplified Stereo Sound Amplified Audio - Enhances game sounds for a more immersive experience In-line Amplifier - Quick access to gaming audio controls Variable Bass Boost - Adds depth and realism to the game audio Microphone Monitor - let's you hear what you're saying USB Powered - No batteries required

Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset is the definitive headset for gamers seeking amazing game sound, crystal-clear communication and enhanced comfort – all at an unmatched value. The X12 features massive 50mm speakers, delivering superior audio quality with crisp highs and deep, rumbling lows. The in-line amplifier puts you in control, with quick access to independent game and chat volume controls and adjustable bass. With separate connections for microphone and line signals, the X12 also makes a great PC gaming headset.
The X12 builds on the success of the legendary X11, the best selling XBOX gaming headset of all time, adding 50mm speakers and adjustable bass for professional-grade sound quality that delivers a competitive advantage. With the X12, you can hear sound cues that are missed with conventional TV speakers, such the sound enemy footsteps, or the click of a loading weapon in the distance. That means you’ll react faster and take them out before they take you out, giving you the edge that can make the difference between winning and losing. You’ll also enjoy unsurpassed comfort during extended game play thanks to the large, deep-cushioned ear cups and rugged, lightweight design.
If you’re serious about gaming, then get serious about the sound. Step up to the X12 and experience game audio like never before.

Headset Features Amplified Audio Enhances game sounds for a more immersive gaming experience. In-Line Amplifier Independent controls allow for quick adjustments to game audio and chat volumes. Microphone Monitoring Hear your voice in the headset, so you won’t have to shout to hear what you’re saying. Variable Bass Boost Add depth and realism to the gaming experience with strong yet clear bass. USB Powered A USB connection provides power to your amplified Xbox 360 headset - no AC adapters or batteries necessary. PC Compatible Delivers the ultimate gaming experience with the Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 introduces Frostbite 2, the incredible technology that takes animation, destruction, lighting, scale and audio Feel the impact of bullets and explosions, drag your fallen comrades into safety, and mount your weapon on almost any part of the terrain The best online vehicular warfare experience gets even better with a fitting sonic boom as fighter jets headline impressive lineup vehicles

Take the fight to iconic and unexpected urban locations in the USA, Middle East, and Europe Experience gripping multiplayer action with 2-24 player battles supported online Battlefield 3 is a First-Person Shooter (FPS) that is designed to attack your senses, delivering a visceral combat experience like no other FPS before it. Sequel to 2005's Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3 utilizes the updated Frostbite 2 game engine, which allows for advanced destruction, sound, and graphics as well as a focus on dense in-game urban settings. Additional game features include: classic Battlefield mission-based gameplay, an impressive array of vehicles including jets and tanks, large-scale maps, an updated soldier class, 2-24 player support online and more.

Return to the Battlefield In Battlefield 3 players take command of a team of elite US Marines as they experience heart-pounding misson-based gameplay ranging across diverse locations from around the globe including Paris, Tehran and New York. Along with ground combat, vehicular combat plays a major role with vehicles available including tanks as well as air support, featuring infrared and satellite imaging. The game contains both single player missions and competitive and co-op multiplayer actions supporting up to 24 players online, and set in diverse locations from around the globe including Paris, Tehran and New York.

The State-of-the-art Frostbite 2 Engine Battlefield 3 leaps ahead of the competition with the power of Frostbite 2, the next installment of game developer Dice's cutting-edge game engine. This state-of-the-art technology is the foundation on which Battlefield 3 is built, delivering superior visual quality, a grand sense of scale, massive destruction, dynamic audio and incredibly lifelike character animations. As bullets whiz by, walls crumble, and explosions throw you to the ground - the battlefield feels more alive and interactive than ever before.

Key Game Features

The Frostbite 2 Game Engine - Battlefield 3 introduces Frostbite 2, the incredible technology that takes animation, destruction, lighting, scale and audio to new heights. Built upon this powerful game engine, Battlefield 3 immerses players physically and emotionally to the world around them like never before. Feel the Battle - Feel the impact of bullets and explosions, drag your fallen comrades into safety, and mount your weapon on almost any part of the terrain. Battlefield 3's cutting edge animation, spectacular visuals and real as hell battle gameplay attack your senses and make you feel the visceral warriors experience like no other FPS.

Unparalleled Vehicle Warfare - The best online vehicle warfare experience gets even better with a fitting sonic boom as fighter jets headline along with an impressive lineup of land, air and sea vehicles, all at your command.

Urban Combat - Take the fight to iconic and unexpected places in the USA, Middle East, and Europe including claustrophobic streets, metropolitan downtowns, and open, vehicle-friendly landscapes as you fight your way through the war of tomorrow.

Multiplayer Mayhem - Experience gripping multiplayer action with 2-24 player battles supported online.
Amazing Animation - The DICE team set out to takes animation to the next level with ANT technology (previously used in FIFA games) that now allows the creation of more believable behavior than ever before in an FPS. Fight to Scale - Simply put, in Battlefield 3 you will be able to engage across some of the largest maps ever created, while close quarter combat is available too.

Massive Destruction - Destruction is enhanced on both a macro and micro level. Chips fly off blocks of concrete used for cover, while whole facades and buildings collapse in screeching clouds of dust and debris. Best-in-Class Audio - Building on acclaimed High Dynamic Range (HDR) audio from previous Battlefield games, Battlefield 3 builds on the best-in-class legacy with a brutally realistic soundscape.
Back To Karkand Expansion Pack - Now Available for Download Back to Karkand is a massive themed expansion pack for Battlefield 3 and is now available for download on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and PC Download. It features four of the most loved Battlefield maps ever, boldly reimagined with the power of the Frostbite 2 engine. It also gives you new weapons, vehicles, dog tags, and persistence in the form of all-new "assignments" to carry out on the battlefield. The maps included are Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula, and Wake Island. All have been redesigned from Battlefield 2 as a return years later, changing the scenery and adding the powerful destruction that Frostbite 2 brings to the game. Please note that this expansion pack does not come with the game. It must be purchased separately.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

EA Sports NHL Slap Shot Hockey Stick

EA Sports NHL Slap Shot Hockey Stick It’s in Your Hands — Deke, check, and shoot with the all-new NHL Slapshot Hockey Stick game accessory, included with NHL Slapshot. Simply plug the Wii Remote and Nunchuk into the hockey stick and take over any game like a true NHL All-Star. Play from Peewee to the Pros — In Peewee to Pros Mode, start your hockey career as a Peewee on the neighborhood rink playing 3 on 3, and work your way through Bantam and Junior leagues, to 5 on 5 in the NHL. Level up your skills and attributes as you learn hockey fundamentals during your journey to the Pros. Be the Next Great One — Play as NHL legend Wayne Gretzky. Wear jersey #99 and take to the ice as the Great One in Peewee to Pros mode, or in Play Now mode at any level. Gretzky also provides game day tips and coaching advice when playing a career of your own. The Total Hockey Experience — Whether it’s 3 on 3, or 5 on 5 games, play with or against all the real players and teams from the CHL, AHL, and NHL. Play through a full NHL Season and Playoffs, for your chance to hoist the Stanley Cup! Split-Screen Shootout! — Practice deking and shooting in a fun, split-screen minigame for players of every skill level. Take shots on net to beat the goalie, or use your Nunchuk and Wii Remote as your glove and blocker to defend the net! Exciting New Mini-Games — Experience the mayhem of Free 4 All, the pressure of Classic Shootout, the fun of 2 on 2, and the competition of Shooter VS. Goalie against friends and family with four over-the-top multiplayer mini-games. Works with the NEW NHL Slapshot Bundle Wii

Monday, December 26, 2011

NHL Slapshot Bundle for Wii

NHL Slapshot Bundle for Wii Legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky lends his name and likeness to EA's first pro hockey game on Wii. The game includes a scaled-down hockey stick peripheral that holds both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in a vertical line. The optional peripheral is held like an actual stick and is designed to detect slapshots, wrist shots, body checks, and poke checks through motion-sensitive actions. In addition to the gesture-based controls, the Wii Remote's trigger functions as a modifier for passes, dekes, and other on-ice moves. Guide your favorite NHL team through a complete season, the Stanley Cup Finals, or in mini-games. The exclusive "Pee-Wee to Pro" mode has you guiding the Great One himself throughout his amateur and professional career. You can also create your own athlete in this mode, with Gretzky serving as your custom athlete's coach and mentor.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Gears of War 3 Limited Edition

Get Your Gears of War 3 Limited Edition Strategy Guide at

BradyGames’ Gears of War 3 Limited Edition includes the following:


This Limited Edition guide to Gears of War 3 is a must-have for every fan. Each page is filled with proven strategies and highlighted with stunning artwork, making it a true collector’s piece. Topped off with some cool extras, this guide is the true companion to the game.

FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS! Get FREE, DOWNLOADABLE PDFs of the original Gears of War and Gears of War 2 Official Strategy Guides! Just enter the codes printed in this book at
SOUNDTRACK SAMPLER! Enjoy a VARIETY OF TRACKS from the official Gears of War 3 soundtrack. Each track will help you relive countless confrontations from your Campaign experience.
EXCLUSIVE GEARS COMIC BOOK CONTENT! Get a first-hand look at the next installment of the Gears of War comic book series. This preview contains 12 pages from the upcoming comic!
FREE XBL MARKETPLACE STRATEGY VIDEO! Download a FREE STRATEGY VIDEO from XBOX Live Marketplace! Redeem the code found in this book and learn how to find all the hidden collectibles in Act I, courtesy of the BradyGames Strategy Feed.

Strategy Guide Includes:

Exhaustive Campaign Coverage- Provides complete coverage of every area and encounter from start to finish. Plus, Four-Player Co-Op strategy included!
Every Collectible- Find the location of every COG Tag and collectible in the game— they’re all revealed!
Comprehensive Maps- Our detailed Multiplayer and Single-Player maps depict every area in the game. We pinpoint mission objectives, weapons and ammo, collectible locations, and more!
Expanded Multiplayer Content- Fight to the best of your abilities with MP-specific weapon stats, pickup locations, enemy spawn points, and gametested techniques for every game mode. Tactics for teambased and solo play, too! Get the most out of the new Beast, SP Arcade, and enhanced Horde modes!
And Don’t Forget... Achievement listing reveals how to reach 100% completion. Indispensible weapon and enemy data and much more!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Prima Official Game Guide

Get the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Prima Official Game Guide at

You could beat a dragon's skull in with this guide.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Collectors Edition: Prima Official Game Guide is the closest thing to perfection one might imagine. Meticulously detailed maps, thorough, well-written quest guides both comprehensive and clear and every item, vendor and trainer location in the game have been sewn in to this masterfully rendered tome.

The details of what comes with this guide are on the page, so an in-depth analysis would be both tedious and unnecessary.

I have owned the guides for most of my RPGs including Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas as well as Mass Effect, Mass Effect II, Fable II and Fable III.

This guide trumps them all.

This guide took 2000 hours for Prima to complete, and it shows. If you want the most out of this game, if you want explore every nook and cranny, this guide is the perfect companion. I would have gladly paid more if I knew what I was getting.

For those of you who might be worried, this hard-cover guide is made to last. A Harry Potter book probably isn't as tough-looking as this.

My only complaint, and this is an infinitesimally small one, is that the physical map that comes with the guide is connected to the guide itself (which is typical of almost every guide I have ever owned) and must be torn out. This very often (at least for yours truly) results in the edges of the map being torn in the attempt to take it out. However, Prima makes up for this issue raises the bar of game guides by including a code to an online interactive map which may be accessed from any computer.


Fantastic guide. If you want a guide, get it. It's worth every penny.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dark Souls The Official Guide

Get Dark Souls The Official Guide at

Going into Dark Souls unaided will get you killed. A lot. Even armed with the complete knowledge of the game that this guide will provide, you're still certain to die at least a few times. But when a gigantic demon takes you by surprise you'll at least have a chance to not lose everything. This is a true survival guide for a game that's almost impossible to survive.

Area Guide Walkthrough
The Walkthrough makes use of detailed maps to guide you in exploring every inch of the game's huge world. Learn the most useful shortcuts and find all of the hidden areas.

Enemy Encyclopedia
Everything you need to know to tackle the game's army of lethal foes is contained in one easy-to-use reference chapter. Tactics, data and attack details for all enemies will prove an invaluable resource.

Weapons & Equipment
Weapons, Armor and Magic are all covered in exhaustive detail. Full stats, locations, upgrade paths and usage strategies are provided so you can easily compare all of the options when choosing your equipment.

All Items
The complete item lists reveal every last consumable, accessory, upgrading material and offensive item. Quickly discover where to find each one and how to make the most of them.

Everything Uncovered
Discover how to unlock every Achievement or Trophy and learn the secrets of Dark Souls' unique online multiplayer mode.

How many times did we die before you could actually hold this guide in your hands? 100 times? 1000 times? Who the hell knows. Chances are we died more times in this game than in all other games of 2011 put together. And for what? For the sole purpose of offering you guidance. We died so that you don't have to. But you're still going to die.

If ever a game needed a great guide, it's Dark Souls. It's rare for a modern game to be designed so meticulously to enrage and engulf its players in a world that doesn't offer even the most basic assistance. Its enemies are relentless and its areas labyrinthine. Just providing players with area maps is enough to make slowly inching around each corner a little easier to bear.

We've done a whole lot more than that, however. We've extracted every last metaphysical ounce of data we could and tracked every last NPC down no matter how many times they might try and slip away. So when you're up to your knees in lava in Lost Izalith being chased by a giant dinosaur that can kill you with a single touch because your armor is rapidly crumbling away, at least you'll know that the treasure you're trying so desperately to reach is going to be worthwhile. We believe that this guide will give you all the information you need to plan your journey through Dark Souls, cut down its most lethal bosses, see its many hidden areas and events, and maybe even not die a thousand times in the process. If nothing else, it might give you hope.

Thus opens the Future Press guide to Dark Souls. A guide that is honest about the game it's designed to cover. Plenty of games are either too easy, tell you everything you need to know or just plain give you the answers. Dark Souls isn't one of those games. It more or less lets you go at some point, making you learn everything on your own. In an era where online walkthroughs are everywhere strategy guides are mostly collector's items. Dark Souls, however, is a game where having a guide feels more beneficial than not. And it's actually a good guide by being more than just heavy handed set of instructions. There's a ton of info here that those who play Dark Souls will appreciate. This is an in depth guide that doesn't just go over the basics, but serves as an encyclopedia for the game. And it manages to be done in such a way it doesn't ruin the experience of the game if you don't want it to.

The guide opens up with the basis of the game system. It's a pretty in depth chapter that might be far more beneficial than it appears on the outset given how unusually thin the manual to the game itself is. It explains all the stats of the job classes at the start as well as showing all the equipment they begin with. Each stat is also explained in depth with the guide giving tips on just how to utilize and build them based on the class you may have chosen at the start. The guide makes no bones about the challenge the game can provide and does it's best to offer a good explanation of the strength and weakness of each class. It also jumps into the inventory and just what everything means. If you're looking for a good way to understand the complex systems of Dark Souls, this is a good place start.

It is the combat chapter that some may find rewarding. Much like the Game System Chapter it's a lot more indepth than just a set of instructions. While it only looks at some of the basics here, the goal is to get you acquainted with the combat mechanics of the game. There are more tips here including talking about status ailments and how to overcome them. It's actually a lot more in depth than it sounds. Anyone new to Dark Souls would probably do best to start within this chapter because this is where you'll learn the most about the combat you'll experience. You won't be lost without it, but seeing as how the game itself isn't going to explain everything to you, you might as well take a peak to understand what those symbols and such mean that you see on the screen from time to time. There's also a lot of explanation about the online interface.

After we get through all the basics of the games system as well as helping you understand the combat, the guide jumps into the enemy index. This is probably the meat and bones of the guide in and of itself. Getting through most of Dark Souls is really about knowing how to battle the enemies more so than where you'll need to go. The guide goes in order of the enemies you'll encounter. First showing you all the enemies in the Undead Asylum before moving onto to the Firelink Shrine, etc. Each enemy has tables that show you their stats, what they drop and if they respawn. There are also details of all the various attacks they perform and how to dodge each and everyone (or at least make them easier to deal with). They also detail the boss foes in the same manner. Showing you all their attacks, the damage they can do before providing a decent strategy for them. When it comes to defeating your enemies the guide is at its most helpful then. You're more apt to be using this portion of the guide rather than the walkthrough itself. It's also the longest chapter by far.

Once we get beyond the enemy data we finally dive into the walkthrough. It's a simple to use walkthrough. Each area begins with a set of maps. It uses the waypoint system where you see numbers on the map and then you must find the number in the text. The walkthrough is straightforward. Often times telling you what to expect around the corner and telling you what enemies you encounter. The waypoints serve to tell you what to expect at each location. Given how Dark Souls lets you roam around a lot it's not really a bad way to go. You shouldn't actually need help getting from point 1 to point 2. What some may find a little hectic at times is that you'll constantly be flipping from the walkthrough to the enemies list. Given how detailed the enemy data is I have no qualms with this. You're much more likely to be stuck at the games various bosses and enemy groups than you are getting to them. This makes the walkthrough pretty easy to follow... but make no mistake it's not WHY you should buy the guide. If anything the enemy guide is much more gratifying.

Beyond this we then get to the inventory. All the weapons and armor are listed first. It'll tell you a little about each weapon before giving you tables upon tables worth of info concerning each one. It's a decent reference. It does the same thing for armor as well. It'll then tell you all the things you need to know about magic and the basics items. This is pretty standard fare for any guide to RPGs in general.

When we get to all the extras the guide is once again extremely helpful. First the guide list out all the various NPCs you'll run across in the game. It'll also inform you of what specifically each NPC is there for. Need to know who will lift a curse? Or who you can buy from? The guide is more than willing to tell you. It then jumps into the games various sidequests. It'll give you the conditions you must meet to actually begin the quest and also provide tips and strategies. There are reference maps provided for each quests. It also details all the data for the various NPCs as well. A lot of this stuff is in depth and even this particular section has a lot for you to take in.

When we get beyond this the guide tells players a little bit about New Game+ and how the game changes. It also gives you some info on making your weapons better.

Very few game guides actually have a section dedicated to helping players obtain Achievements or Trophies. But the Dark Souls guide does. From the most basic achievements to the hardest ones to obtain. For some players, if every strategy guide had a section dedicated to achievements they'd probably be happier. This goes to show that there was actually quite a bit of effort put into the guide. And it's not a particularly small section either.

At the end of all this stuff... roughly 384 pages later... we finally have an index. In case, you know, you get lost or something when flipping through the guide. It's well organized overall, telling you just about everything you need to know and being constructed in such a way that it's good for those who really know what they're doing (the walkthrough doesn't feel like it's holding your hand) and for those who are new to the experience as a whole. It's an incredibly thick guide but one that will be extremely helpful to players. They also work in conjunction with their own website. Don't worry, this actually works out well. You won't have to go online for information that isn't here... they're mostly videos to better show you what they're talking about if they're not explained well enough. A visual aid as opposed to just a text based one. It all comes together to make a pretty impressive guide. One that compliments as well as enhances the player's experience of the game. This is something strategy guides rarely do anymore. While you won't find extras such as developer interviews or anything like that, just getting all this info may suffice.

If you are feeling like you simply can't conquer Dark Souls then this is a nice supplement that might help out. It goes in depth on just about everything in the game. So much so you may feel overwhelmed with information at times. I'm not sure how good or bad that second part is, but for how expensive strategy guides are these days, it's nice to have that much depth. So if you need a leg up, this isn't such a bad guide to get at all.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Get Star Wars: The Old Republic at

  • Define Your Star Wars Saga - Choose from one of eight iconic roles
  • Choose the Light or Dark Side - Meaningful choices throughout your journey will determine the light or dark side
  • Adventure with Companions - Build or break meaningful relationships with your companions
  • Engage in Heroic Star Wars Combat - Fight against reactive enemies battles
  • Pilot Your Personal Starship - Earn your own ship which is your base of operations
  • An interactive storyline with cinematic dialogue and full voiceover for all in-game characters
  • Discover a Fully Featured MMO and much more

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG) for the PC gaming platform, set in the Star Wars universe. The first game of its kind, in it players choose from either the Galactic Republic or Sith faction, create a character, and along with a multitude of fans playing from all over the world, explore the fictional historic period of the Old Republic, as the Jedi confront the resurgent Sith Empire. Players can assume one of many races through their character, visit multiple planets, pilot spacecraft, utilize advanced dialog options in-game, take advantage of AI companions for gathering and crafting tasks and more.

Your Personal Star Wars Saga Begins

Play Star Wars: The Old Republic and be the hero of your own Star Wars saga in a story-driven massively-multiplayer online (MMO) game from BioWare and LucasArts. Explore an age thousands of years before the rise of Darth Vader when war between the Old Republic and the Sith Empire divides the galaxy.

Choose to be a Jedi, a Sith, or one of a variety of other classic Star Wars roles, and make decisions which define your personal story and determine your path down the light or dark side of the Force. Along the way you will befriend courageous companions who will fight at your side or possibly betray you based on your actions. Together you will battle enemies in dynamic Star Wars combat and team up with other players to overcome incredible challenges.

Key Game Features

  • Define Your Star Wars Saga - Choose from one of eight iconic roles and become the hero of your personal Star Wars saga - an interactive storyline with cinematic dialogue and full voiceover for all in-game characters
  • Choose the Light or the Dark Side - Meaningful choices throughout your journey will determine your path down the light or dark side of the Force
  • Adventure with Companions - Build or break meaningful relationships with your companions as they join in your journeys and fight at your side
  • Engage in Heroic Star Wars Combat - Fight against reactive enemies in dynamic lightsaber duels, cantina shoot-outs, and large-scale multi-player battles
  • Pilot Your Personal Starship - Earn your own ship which is your base of operations as you explore the galaxy and participate in epic space combat
  • Discover a Fully Featured MMO - Join your friends and experience player vs. player Warzones, multi-player flashpoints, multi-group operations, guilds, auction houses, crafting, mounts, and much more

Friday, December 16, 2011

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Tips and Cheats (Post 5 of 5)

Some tips, tricks and cheats to help you with Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim for your xBox360

Get Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim at

Dragon Shout locations

You have the ability to absorb the Dragon's soul to unlock the Shout abilities. To learn different types of Dragon Shouts, you must find the ancient tablet wall that teaches you the Dragon Words. Each Shout has three words that can be learned by going around Skyrim and finding them. Half of the Dragon Shouts can be learned through the main quests, while others require you to search the world of Skyrim to find the ancient tablet walls. If you find all three words in a Dragon Shout, you increase its effectiveness when used. When you have learned all three words for a Dragon Shout, you can perform a powerful Shout by holding RB. Search the listed locations and/or complete the indicated task to find the corresponding Dragon Shout word:

Animal Allegiance

Description: A shout for help from the beasts of the wild, who come to fight in your defense.

Location 1 - Animal: Go into the Helgen, and take the southwest Bonechill Passage. The Dragon Shout word is at the other end, protected by a dragon. Watch out for the Snowy Saber Cat inside Bonchill, as she is fast and very strong.

Location 2 - Allegiance: You will find it in Angarvunde in the Rift after completing the "Medresi Dran And The Wandering Dead" quest.

Location 3 - Pack: You will find it in Ysgramor's Tomb in Winterhold after completing the "Glory Of The Dead" Companions quest.

Aura Whisper

Description: Your voice is not a shout, but a whisper, revealing the life forces and all.

Location 1 - Life: In the dragon's lair in Northwind Summit, after you get a letter from a "friend" regarding a source of power in the mountains between Windhelm and Riften. It is around the corner from Shor's Stone; defeat the dragon to learn the Dragon Shout word.

Location 2 - Seek: You will find it in Valthume after completing the "Evil In Waiting" Dungeon quest.

Location 3 - Hunt: In Volunruud; it requires "The Silence Has Been Broken" Dark Brotherhood quest or the "Silenced Tongues" Dungeon quest.

Become Ethereal

Description: The Thu'um reaches out to the Void, changing your form to one that cannot be harmed or harm.

Location 1 - Fade: Successfully complete "The Way Of The Voice" main quest, and Arngeir will send you to Ustengrav Depths to retrieve The Horn Of Jurgen Windcaller. In the main cavern room, instead of going to the objective, go outside, and then go to the bottom where waterfall is with the green trees. Look at the base of the platform with word of power on it.

Location 2 - Spirit: Find the settlement with waterfalls and large stone structures between Markarth and Falkreath. Go to the top, and fight the Hagravens. Look for the Dragon Shout word in their little den, at the end of the Bard's Leap Summit Point (where you are standing over the waterfall).

Location 3 - Bind: In Ironbind Barrow.

Call Dragon

Description: Odahviing! Hear my voice and come forth. I summon you in my time of need.

Location - Snow, Hunter, Wing: You get all three Dragon Shout words during "The Fallen" main quest.

Call Of Valor

Description: The valiant of Sovngarde hear your voice, and journey beyond space and time to lend their aid.

Location - Hero, Champion, Legend: You get all three Dragon Shout words during the "Dragonslayer" main quest.

Clear Skies

Description: Skyrim itself yields before Thu'um, as you clear away fog and inclement weather.

Location - Sky, Spring, Summer: You get all three Dragon Shout words from Arngeir after completing the "Throat Of The World" quest and getting to High Hrothgar.


Description: Shout defies steel, as you rip the weapon from an opponent's grasp.

Location 1 - Weapon: In the dragon's lair on Eldersblood Peak, at the top of the mountains, south of Morthal.

Location 2 - Hand: During the "Speaking With Silence" Thieves Guild quest, go to the Snow Veil Sanctum. In the second area, Mercer will mention something about it being a perfect ambush area. The Dragon Shout word is in that room.

Location 3 - Defeat: In the Silverdrift Lair.


Description: And the weak shall fear the Thu'um, and flee in terror.

Location 1 - Fear: In the dragon's lair at the Lost Tongue Overlook. After killing the dragon, you will get the Dragon Shout word from a bounty letter from Windhelm in Ivarstead's Inn.

Location 2 - Run: At the top of Dead Crone Rock, west of Markarth. You go here during the "Mehrunes Dagon" main quest. It requires the "Pieces Of The Past" Deadric quest.

Location 3 - Terror: In Shalidor's Maze in Labyrinthian.


Description: Your voice lashes out at a dragon's very soul, forcing the beast to land.

Location - Mortal, Infinite, Temporary: You learn all three Dragon Shout words during the "Alduin's Bane" quest.

Elemental Fury

Description: The Thu'um imbues your arms with the speed of wind, allowing for faster weapon strikes.

Location 1 - Air: In the dragon's lair in Dragontooth Crater, between Solitude and Markarth in the northwest of Skyrim. It is a large mountain range.

Location 2 - Battle: In Shriekwind Bastion.

Location 3 - Grace: You will find it in Kilkreath Ruins after completing "The Break Of Down" Daedric quest.

Fire Breath

Description: Inhale air, exhale flame, and behold the Thu'um as inferno.

Location 1 - Fire: You will learn it during Dustman's Cairn quest after completing the "Proving Honor" quest from The Companions because it opens a new area of the dungeon that contains the Dragon Shout word.

Location 2 - Inferno: Obtained automatically during "The Throat Of The World" main quest.

Location 3 - Sun: In Sunderstone Gorge.

Frost Breath

Description: Your breath is winter, you Thu'um a blizzard.

Location 1 - Frost: In Brownstrewn Crest, south of Windhelm, in the middle of the swampland on top of the large hill. It is guarded by a dragon. Defeat the dragon to learn the Dragon Shout word.

Location 2 - Cold: Kill the dragon in the Dragon's Lair in Skyborn Altar.

Location 3 - Freeze: In Folgunthur, southeast of Solitude, on the way to Morthal. It is guarded by a power Draugr. It also requires the "Forbidden Legend" side quest.

Ice Form

Description: Your Thu'um freezes an opponent solid.

Location 1 - Ice: On Mount Anthor, on the middle mountain in the range to the northwest of Windhelm, and home to a dragon. You will also get this location from Arngeir at High Hrothgar when you talk about the Dragon Shout locations.

Location 2 - Flesh: It is given to you during the "Under Saarthal" College Of Winterhold quest for the circle of Mages. It is at the end after you have discovered the artifact you are looking for, in the Saarthal dungeon. When you are leaving the dungeon, look for it in the southwest of Winterhold. You can also get it during the "Forbidden Legend" side quest.

Location 3 - Statue: In Frostmere Crypt during "The Pale Lady" Dungeon quest.

Kyne's Peace

Description: The voice soothes wild beasts, who lose their desire to fight of flee.

Location 1 - Kyne: Go to Rannveig's Fast, and defeat the ice dragon protecting the entrance. Then, enter to learn the Dragon Shout word.

Location 2 - Peace: Go to Shroud Hearth Barrow Depths. In Ivarstead, there is a quest from the Inn Keeper, Wilheim ("Wilheim's Scream" dungeon quest). Enter the Barrow, and defeat the spirit to get the Sapphire Dragon Claw as a reward from Wilheim.

Location 3 - Trust: In Ragnavald Temple, north of Markarth, in the mountains are the ruins called Ragnavald with a temple inside. Go to the left and right into the canal and the crypts to get the keys to gain access to the Dragon Shout area. Defeat the Daedric, otar the Mod, to learn the Dragon Shout word.

Marked For Death

Description: Speak, and let your voice hearld doom, as an opponent's armor and life force are weakened.

Location 1 - Kill: In the Automnwatch Tower, south of Ivarstad, further south of Rift Imperial Camp, are a couple of towers in the mountains. There is a dragon at the top of the farthest tower to the south protecting the Dragon Shout word.

Location 2 - Leech: Inside the Forsaken Cave in The Pale, southwest of Winterhold, at the base and south of mountains that surround it. It is north of the small lake on the map. It requires "The White Phial" side quest. It is guarded by Draugr, who is very difficult to defeat.

Location 3 - Suffer: In the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Falkreath Hold.

Slow Time

Description: Shout at time, command it to obey, as the world around you stands still.

Location 1 - Time: During "The Staff Of Magnus" College Of Winterhold quest, when fighting Draugr Deathlord in the last level of the Labyrithian (Dragon Priest's Lair), you can either fight Draugr or get an artifact that gives you access to this area.

Location 2 - Sand: In Korvanjund, northeast of Whiterun (snowy area on the map). The Dragon Shout word is in the crypt, in the area at the bottom. You will come here during the second Imperial/Stormclock quest. It requires "The Jagged Crown" Civil War quest.

Location 3 - Eternity: You will find it in Hog's End after completing "The Feeble Fortune" Dark Brotherhood Radiant quest.

Storm Call

Description: A shout to the sky, a cry to the clouds, that awakens the destructive force of SKyrim's lightning.

Location 1 - Storm: In High Gate Ruins (Dragon Priest's Lair), east of Solitude. Look for a huge structure and set of ruins. Go inside and down to the last chamber, which is Vokun's Throne Room. Defeat Volkun to find the Dragon Shout word in the room behind Vokun's Throne Room.

Location 2 - Wrath: You will learn it during "The World-Eater's Eyrie" main quest at the Skuldafn Temple level (Dragon Priest's Lair).

Location 3 - Lightening: In Forelhost in the Dragon Priest's Lair.

Throw Voice

Description: The Thu'um is heard, but its source uknown, fooling those into seeking it out.

Location - Voice, Fool, Far: In Shearpoint, west of Windhelm, at the top of the big mountain near it. It is guarded by a power Daedre called Krosis. Defeat him to get all three Dragon Shout words.

Unrelenting Force

Description: Your voice is raw power, pushing aside anything -- or anyone -- who stands in your path.

Location 1 - Force: In Bleak Falls Barrow, west of Riverwood in the mountains; it requires the "Bleak Falls Barrow" main quest (obtained from Whiterun, north of Riverdale) or "The Golden Claw" side quest (obtained from Lucan in Riverwood).

Location 2 - Balance: It is given to you by Arngeir after completing "The Way Of The Voice" main quest in High Hrothgar.

Location 3 - Down: It is given to by Arngeir when you take the horn back to him in the "Horn Of Jurgen Windcaller" main quest.

Whirlwind Sprint

Description: The Thu'um rushes forward, carrying you in its wake with the speed of a tempest.

Location 1 - Whirlwind: It is given to you by Borri in the "The Way Of The Voice" main quest when you reach High Hrothgar. This is after you get the "Balance" word for the "Unrelenting Force" Dragon Shout.

Location 2 - Fury: In Volskygge (Dragon Priest's Lair), high mountains in the corner of the Skyrim map, west of Solitude, is an ancient temple with a Dragon Shout guarded by a powerful demon. You need to go northwest from Volskygge on the map, up closest to the mountains to get the Dragon Shout word.

Location 3 - Tempest: You will get it in Dead Men's Respite after completing the "Tending The Flames" Bards' College quest.

Daedric Artifact quest locations

Successfully complete the indicated quest to get the corresponding Daedric Artifact:

Dawnbreaker ("The Break Of Dawn" quest)

Location: You will get this quest near the statue to Merida, west of Solitude. Successfully complete the quest to get the artifact.

Ebony Mail ("Boetiah's Calling" quest)

Location: Find Sacellum of Boethiah in the east section of Windhelm. You will find a cult, and then begin the quest. To offer the sacrifice, you will have to trap someone in that chamber. An easy way to do this is hire a mercenary (you can visit Bee and Brab in Riften; one is sitting downstairs), and ask him to touch the beacon. Successfully complete the remaining task to get the artifact.

Mace Of Molag Bal ("House Of Horrors" quest in Markarth)

Location: In the city, when you walk past an old haunted house, you will be asked to go with someone. If you complete this task and find the priest of Boethiah, you will get the artifact.

Masque Of Clavicus Vile ("A Daedra's Best Friend" quest)

Location: The guard at the entry point of Falkreath will tell you about a missing dog. After speaking with him, start the quest. You can follow the dog, or simply go to Haemar's Shame, which is just south of the large mountain and just east to Helgen. Get the axe, and return it to get the artifact.

Mehrunes' Razor ("Pieces Of The Past" quest)

Location: Visit the museum in Dawnstar (the message pops up multiple times), accept the quest, and then collect the three pieces of the sword throughout Skyrim to get the artifact.

Oghma Infinium ("Discearning The Transmundane" quest)

Location: When you meet Septimus Sigmus during a main quest, you will be assigned a task to get the Elder Scrolls. You will start the second task ("Discearning The Transmundane"). During this quest, you take the imprint of the Scrolls on the Lexicon. Then, you need the harvested blood from an Orc, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, High Elf, and Falmer. If you do not already have samples from them, you must find them, and kill at least one to harvest the blood. You can visit the Bandit camps for Elf and Orc blood, and you can visit Mzulft (southeast of Windhelm) for Falmers.

Ring Of Namira

Location: Find Verulus in Markarth, and accept his quest, which involves clearing the Necropolis. When Eola starts talking about cannibalism, respond positively. Then, clear the undead from Namira's altar. Agree to lure Verulus to the Altar. Kill Verulus and eat his flesh, and the Ring Of Namira will appear in your inventory.

Sanguine's Rose ("Night To Remember" quest)

Location: Find Sam Guevenne in Vilemyr Inn in Ivarstead. He will offer you a drinking challenge. Accept it, and complete the rest of the quest to get the artifact.

Savior's Hide ("Ill Met By Moonlight" quest)

Location: In Falkreath, near the barracks, you will find a kid downstairs in the Falkreath jail. He will hand you his cursed ring, and the quest will begin. Successfully complete the quest to get the artifact. Note: If you decide not to kill, you may not get the artifact.

Skull Of Corruption ("Walking Nightmare" quest)

Location: Successfully complete the "Walking Nightmare" quest in Dawnstar. To complete the quest, talk to the priest at the Inn, and kill him at the end of the quest to get the artifact.

Spellbreaker ("The Only Cure" quest)

Location: Go to the shrine of Peryite in the mountains between Markarth and Solitude. You must have good skills before you can complete the quest. Successfully complete the quest to get the artifact.

The Black Star ("The Black Star" quest)

Location: Go to Azura's Shrine on top of the mountain to begin this quest. Successfully complete the quest to get the artifact.

Wabbajack ("The Mind Of Madness" quest)

Location: In Solitude, find a child named Derevin wandering around the streets. He will ask you to deliver a message to his master. Find his master and complete the quest to get the artifact. To complete one sequence: shoot Pelgius with Wabbajack, shoot wolf, shoot goat, shoot bandit, shoot Pelagius, shoot Hagraven, shoot Pelagius, shoot Flame Atronach, and then shoot the dragon priest. For the Paranoia sequence, you need to shoot the king. The mind sequence is grow Pelagius twice, and then grow anger once with the Wabbajack.

Paarthurnax insults
Get the Elder Scroll, then go to Paarthurnax, and use the "Throw Voice" shout on him. A new voice will shout insults such as "Hey, ugly!", "Hey, skeever butt!", "Hey, melon head!", "Hey, melon nose!", "Hey, troll bait!", "Hey, slug-breath!", and "Hey, cheese brain!"

Fallout 3 reference

While walking around guards, they may say "Let me guess, someone stole your Sweet Roll?" This is a reference to the beginning of Fallout 3, where your birthday sweet roll is stolen by Butch.

The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion reference
Search inside the museum of Dawnstar to find a display case containing a yellowing piece of paper with the symbol for Oblivion. Pick the lock, and use a spell for a few seconds on the paper to turn it into a bucket.

Through the mountain passage that leads from Riverwood towards Riften, you will find a Khajiit named M'aiq the Liar, which is a reference to the fast Khajiit you find outside of Bravil and Leyawinn in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

Unbound (10 points): Complete "Unbound".
Bleak Falls Barrow (10 points): Complete "Bleak Falls Barrow".
The Way of the Voice (20 points): Complete "The Way of the Voice".
Diplomatic Immunity (20 points): Complete "Diplomatic Immunity".
Alduin's Wall (20 points): Complete "Alduin's Wall".
Elder Knowledge (20 points): Complete "Elder Knowledge".
The Fallen (20 points): Complete "The Fallen".
Dragonslayer (50 points): Complete "Dragonslayer".
Take Up Arms (10 points): Join the Companions.
Blood Oath (10 points): Become a member of the Circle.
Glory of the Dead (30 points): Complete "Glory of the Dead".
Gatekeeper (10 points): Join the College of Winterhold.
Revealing the Unseen (10 points): Complete "Revealing the Unseen".
The Eye of Magnus (30 points): Complete "The Eye of Magnus".
Taking Care of Business (10 points): Join the Thieves Guild.
Darkness Returns (10 points): Complete "Darkness Returns".
One with the Shadows (30 points): Returned the Thieves Guild to its former glory.
With Friends Like These... (10 points): Join the Dark Brotherhood.
Bound Until Death (10 points): Complete "Bound Until Death".
Hail Sithis! (30 points): Complete "Hail Sithis!".
Taking Sides (10 points): Join the Stormcloaks or the Imperial Army.
War Hero (10 points): Capture Fort Sungard or Fort Greenwall.
Hero of Skyrim (30 points): Capture Solitude or Windhelm.
Sideways (20 points): Complete 10 side quests.
Hero of the People (30 points): Complete 50 Misc Objectives.
Hard Worker (10 points): Chop wood, mine ore, and cook food.
Thief (30 points): Pick 50 locks and 50 pockets.
Snake Tongue (10 points): Successfully persuade, bribe, and intimidate.
Blessed (10 points): Select a Standing Stone blessing.
Standing Stones (30 points): Find 13 Standing Stones.
Citizen (10 points): Buy a house.
Wanted (10 points): Escape from jail.
Married (10 points): Get married.
Artificer (10 points): Make a smithed item, an enchanted item, and a potion.
Master Criminal (20 points): Bounty of 1000 gold in all nine holds.
Golden Touch (30 points): Have 100,000 gold.
Delver (40 points): Clear 50 dungeons.
Skill Master (40 points): Get a skill to 100.
Explorer (40 points): Discover 100 Locations.
Reader (20 points): Read 50 Skill Books.
Daedric Influence (10 points): Acquire a Daedric Artifact.
Oblivion Walker (30 points): Collect 15 Daedric Artifacts.
Dragon Soul (10 points): Absorb a dragon soul.
Dragon Hunter (20 points): Absorb 20 dragon souls.
Words of Power (10 points): Learn all three words of a shout.
Thu'um Master (40 points): Learn 20 shouts.
Apprentice (5 points): Reach Level 5.
Adept (10 points): Reach Level 10.
Expert (25 points): Reach Level 25.
Master (50 points): Reach Level 50.

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